Crystal structure of fragment D from human fibrinogen (click to enlarge)
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    It's sunset time: The end is getting near!

Both dogfish (the server) and myself
are getting old! Still, I'm hoping to keep
this website open for a while longer
on several counts. For one thing,
it serves as a kind of link between me and
a few former group members (maybe only one
at this point).
Second, the website gives me a chance to reflect
on recent events, troubling as they may have been.


    The sad news is that the lab is truly closed: no more experiments.

     In recent weeks I have been giving away as much stuff as I can and discarding much of the junk that no one wants. It's been painful. Many of the items reminded me of past co-workers: the Helios spectrophotometer for which Leela Pandi had crafted a beautiful cloth cover; lots of fibrinogen preps made by Marcia Riley; many tubes of lamprey plasma collected by Andy Laudano, etc.

A few things actually went to former group members. Barbara Cottrell took away an old pump and a few other things, and Yong Jiang also helped clear away some items.

While I'm at it I can also report having seen a few other friends from the lab. Ken Cassman (1970's) and his wife Susie now live in Oceanside, and we have visited them just a week a two ago. Gretchen Wooding (1970's) and her husband Larry came back for a Medical School reunion not too long ago, and we were able to catch up on their lives, as well. I've also had email from out of the past, including Larry Toll (1970's), who is at Scripps Florida, and Dennis Trovato (1980's), often driving his motorcycle touring Europe. And recently Aaron Johnson (1990's) stopped by. Aaron is a neurologist practicing in Anchorage but he is planning to relocate to Vancouver soon.

On a sad note, I must report that several of our old friends are no longer with us. Cemal Kuyas died quite some time ago, and then, about 4-5 years ago, Virgil Woods, Jeff Gray and John Sharp all passed away, as did Louise Schmidt.

In the event that any of you old lab mates should ever click on to this website, please send an email or some other message reporting that you are alive and well.



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